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Nutritional Programmes


How do I know if a Nutrition Programme is right for me?


Do you feel frustrated about making the same food, weight and health goals over and over?
Do you feel that you know what you ‘should’ be doing for your health but find it hard to structure your life and ‘do it’?
Does the ides of changing your diet and lifestyle make you feel overwhelmed and stressed?
Do you need some help with menu planning, food recommendations to eating well for yourself and your family?
Have you or your family member been diagnosed with a health condition that could be improved with a positive change of diet and lifestyle but don’t know where to start?


If you have answered yes to any of the above questions a tailor made Nutrition Programme for you and / or your family may be a positive decision.


What is involved in a Nutritional Programme?


A Biotailor Nutritional Programme involves an Assessment and a tailored Action Plan. The Assessment covers the Biotailor Information Starter Pack that includes clinical nutrition and lifestyle management analysis and goal setting. The Action Plan covers a tailored plan that includes food, diet, recipe recommendations, exercise techniques to nurture the person as a whole. It is not a one size fits all approach. We will strive to understand your needs, preferences and goals in order to offer a realistic and comfortable solution for your nutrition and health concerns. Biotailor offers non-obligatory meetings to explain our approach, how the plan works and the committment involved for clients to address any questions or concerns they have before committing to any programme.


How many sessions are required and how long is each session?


The number of sessions is highly specific to the individual, group or family as all Programmes are tailor made to meet unique specifications. Programmes for individuals are approx. two sessions. This may vary depending on the individual needs of the client and programme type. Ideally the client should plan for one session per week and complete the programme within one month for focused results. The duration of each session will vary from 1-2 hours depending on the individual needs of the client and programme type.


As change is not an overnight process we build a strong foundation of care and information for the client to take away and implement into their lives at their own pace. There is no deadline, this is not a race. We encourage making small changes that are right for each individual through their lives. Returning clients after having implemented their Action Plans seek more refining to their goals and new tailored Plans are again designed.


Do you use any supplements lines?


All supplements dispensed by Biotailor are from certified practitioner line products from the US only used by medical doctors and healthcare professionals. 


What does the Biotailor Starter Information Pack include?


The Biotailor Information Starter Pack includes all the necessary information to embark on a particular Programme. It is designed to give the information necessary to build an action plan specifically tailored to your needs. It includes assessments such as health profile, heredity profile, symptom analysis, lifestyle analysis, diet analysis, food diary, mood diary and personal goal setting. Full screen blood tests, insulin resistance profile, adrenal stress index and other analysis may be suggested to complete your health assessment and provide you with a deeper insight into your unique make-up if needed.


What are the boundaries of Biotailor Confidentiality?


Biotailor maintains your privacy from the very first contact and all client information is held strictly confidential. Biotailor does not release any information regarding an individual’s personal information without his/her prior consent.


Programmes: The amount of information shared is up to the client. It takes courage to embark on any change so it is important that the client is always comfortable, as only in a relaxed safe dynamic can you embark on creativity, change and empowerment.
Workshops: As during workshops there will be more than one participant, participants of Biotailor workshops must therefore undertake to practice his/her own discretion when sharing information which may be deemed proprietary or sensitive from the workshop. Anyone to whom such information is disclosed to must understand that it is given to them in confidence, which they must respect. Biotailor requests for all participants to mutually respect the confidentiality of information at the Workshop.



Nutritional Education


How tailor made are the Health Talks?


We will usually meet the client and find out who the audience is, what areas are of most interest and how many topics they would like to cover. We will tailor make the health talks and personal workshops to client specifications.


Corporate Health Talks can be for example in a package such as every week for a month covering four different topics or it can be one health talk that covers various topics combined.
Personal Workshops can be theme related based on the audience in a private setting, such as pregnancy, children university health and menopause.


Do you provide catering for the Health Talks?


Biotailor will be able to assist by introducing you to a range of healthy catering services in Singapore. And if you require catering as part of the Biotailor package, that can also be arranged with competitive rates.



Product Development Projects


Do you help with the import of products as well?


Biotailor aids in import and product regulation / registration for product development projects in Singapore. For Overseas projects, we will connect you with our worldwide collaborators and agents in your region to aid with import; and product regulation / registration with your local health authorities.

All Services

How are all the Biotailor services conducted?


All Biotailor Nutritional Programmes, Nutritional Education and Product Development services are conducted in Person or via Skype, Online Meetings and Telephone for Singapore and Overseas clients.



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