About Biotailor


Our Company

BIOTAILOR The Global Health Company was established in 2011. It is a health education and consulting company headquartered in Singapore that offers personalised tailored products and services for individuals, corporations and communities.


Our Mission

Our prime focus is on growing the bridge between developments in research, industry and public understanding to produce growing evidence-based communications and technology between the sectors on scientific development and health.


Our Service Platforms

BIOTAILOR strives to express and share knowledge of biotechnology, nutrition and global health through the platforms of Health Promotion, Personalised Nutrition, Biotech Consulting, Science Communications, Product Development and Global Health and Development Projects.

We have a qualified and dedicated team of experts striving to give you the products and services you require.

About Our Services



BIOTAILOR Health Promotion focuses on enhancing the public understanding and knowledge of population health issues and the growing rise of developmental and non-communicable health conditions through the life course growing the awareness between Nutrition Health, Mental Health and Growth Developmental Health. 


BIOTAILOR Personalised Nutrition focuses on enhancing the personal understanding and assessment of the body’s own mechanisms and health issues, and ability to recover and maintain health within personal gene and environmental interactions, healing the balance between Clinical Nutrition, Life Change and Environmental Management.



  BIOTAILOR Biotech Consulting focuses on enhancing the awareness and scaling of biotechnological, global health products and services and its implementations for supporting health within the body, market and health system and the potential for investment opportunities through Technology Transfer and Biotech Commercialization.



BIOTAILOR Science Communications focuses on enhancing the techniques and strategies of various communication skills to express information and understanding of biotechnology, genomic lifestyle, nutrition and global health. Communication including courses, resources, teaching, presentations and publications that provide evidence based health information support the awareness of scientific developments for the public health to different audiences through Health Communications, Health Education and Scientific Health Publications.



BIOTAILOR Product Development focuses on offering complete and comprehensive development projects for health and wellness products offered under private label for personal and company brands. From start of conceptual idea to the final product enriched quality products are developed through Product Research Development, Product Regulation Distribution and Product Branding Marketing.



BIOTAILOR Global Health focuses on building health interventions and awareness of health as an issue of humanity growing knowledge of global disease conditions, environments, socioeconomic determinants, livelihoods and resources, trade and migration affecting international health, health systems and the world’s population through Global Health and Development, World Health Studies and Health Awareness Programmes.

Current Research Projects


BIOTAILOR current research projects are in Genomic and Environmental Lifestyle and Public Health, Genetic Counselling, Nutrigenetics & Nutrigenomics, Foetal Origin of Disease, Health through the Life Course, Psychoneuroimmunology, Medical Anthropology and Bio-cultural Adaptation.

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About Our Service Seal



The BIOTAILOR Seal was created to provide Biotailor clients, suppliers, manufacturers and distributors with a quality guarantee on its products and services offered to individuals, corporations and communities worldwide. Health is personal and we strive to give the highest quality to our clients in regards to the products and services we offer.


- Products are developed and offered ethically 

- Products carry comprehensive testing and certifications
- Services are designed and offered ethically

- Service information is based on up-to-date evidence-based health research and resources
- Collaborating companies carry comprehensive certifications

- Projects and programmes maintain client and company confidentiality