Biotailor and The Team


Dr Audrey Prost, Reader in Global Health, UCL Institute of Global Health, UK

"I have known Sujyot Sakhrani since 2015. She attended my courses as part of her MSc in Global Health and Development at University College London. Sujyot came to our Masters programme following a successful career start in biotechnology, during which she progressed through a range of increasingly senior positions. Her more recent position as Head of Biotechnology at BIOTAILOR in Singapore involved both management duties and consultations related to nutrition and health with individuals and families. Sujyot then sought to strengthen her knowledge of global health and development through our Masters Programme.  I found Sujyot to be highly capable, motivated, and gifted with excellent critical thinking skills. She is able to produce written work of high quality, and is also an excellent team leader and facilitator during group-based work. Sujyot has outstanding interpersonal and organizational skills, both of which would serve her well in management positions. I have no doubt that her previous work experience combined with the knowledge and skills she acquired during the MSc will serve her well in her next steps in public health, nutrition and biotechnology.” 


Chantal Gill’ard, Director, PA Europe, Belgium

“Biotailor is a very creative and reliable company. What I admire in Biotailor are the work ethics, the huge knowledge on nutrition and the drive to be the experts in the field. Combined with the friendly approach these qualities make for a wonderful nutrition consultancy. My experience in working with Biotailor stems from my time as a Member of the Dutch Parliament working on Maternal Health. Now as the Director at PA Europe I work for the world’s biggest companies in nutrition and have Biotailor as a valuable source for information and novel ideas. On a personal level they had advised me very well on food and nutrition during my medical treatments for breast cancer a year ago."


Adeline Tan, Chief Concierge, The Healing Concierge, Singapore

"Sujyot is intelligent and knowledgeable in her field, with the added ingredient of her personal commitment in creating programmes that work. Through the use of her various analytical tools she gives much in-depth assessment of your specific circumstances and lifestyle and develops workable suggestions on how to correct the behaviors that can have the greatest impact to achieving your goals."


Mohammed Pitolwala, Student, Singapore Management University, Singapore

“I worked with Sujyot while taking my first steps in entrepreneurship and am glad to have had her guidance and support. Sujyot helped me ask the right questions and have a broader outlook. Her approach to work is passionate with a genuine desire to help and guide. Meticulous, entrepreneurial and compassionate are the qualities that define her. She has the innate ability to build genuine relationships as she is always willing to give you patient hearing and guide you. I wish her all the success in her passionate venture in health – Biotailor.”

Health Promotion


Shanlyn Toh, Account Executive, Absolute Living Group, SE Asia

"Biotailor is the anchor Nutritionist for the Absolute Living Group that focuses on Workplace Health Consulting, Integrated Fitness & Nutrition Programs and Corporate Nutrition, Health, Performance and Team Building Services in Asia. Sujyot is happy to work on any area of nutrition and wellness that we propose and has delivered Nutrition Health Talks, Corporate Health Events, Cooking Demonstrations and Wellness Expertise on behalf of our company. Sujyot is an impressive public speaker and is able to engage the audience with new concepts about health and nutrition and is able to explain difficult subjects in a simple manner for the general understanding. Sujyot is punctual, professional and always gives time to anyone interested in knowing more about nutrition and wellness. All the nutritional information is well researched and results in high quality presentations. It is a pleasure working with Biotailor and enhancing the awareness of Health and Nutrition to the audiences."


Theresa Shan & Marc Dass, Co-Founders, intheLoop (Soulscape), Singapore

"Biotailor is the Nutrition Advisor for intheLoop, Singapore's leading online wellness magazine. Biotailor advises over a broad range of medical and nutritional topics. All information is accurate, informative and expressed easily for our readers to understand. Biotailor contributes health articles allowing our audience and customers to learn about growing trends and current wellness practices from around the world. Biotailor also collaborates with intheLoop to offer Nutritional Programmes and Education Workshops on a range of topics to our growing international clientele. The company is extremely easy to work with and brings many different creative project ideas to the mix. Biotailor offers unique products and services with a great blend of scientific and holistic support for our customer."


RJ Sridhar, CEO Advisor and Coach, Radical Shift, Singapore

“I’ve known Sujyot from my venture capital days. Her dedication to research and education and her natural talent for connecting with people stood out even then and I’m sure she’ll bring the same qualities to her entrepreneurial venture. I’m impressed by the amount of research that’s gone into the development of high quality nutrition-related content and I wish her great success in following her passion to spread nutrition awareness and holistic healing.” 


Mallory Dodds, Callanetics Master Trainer, Callanetics Management Company Inc, US

“Congratulations Sujyot on becoming a certified Callanetics instructor. I have reviewed and have completed your evaluation: Sujyot taught an excellent class. My purpose in providing this evaluation is to guide you in fulfilling your goal of being successful as a teacher of the Callanetics Exercise Method and to know that you know how to safely and effectively work with another’s body. Receiving your certification signifies a milepost in what I trust will be your continued growth as a Teacher, including personal gratification and profitability. Again Congratulations and welcome to our group of elite teachers. I have great confidence in you and your love for Callanetics, best wishes to you in your new career and your journey as a Certified Teacher.”

Personalised Nutrition


Lu Liu, Head of Operations, JustOffice, Singapore

"I joined the Biotailor nutritional programme this year, and it was very beneficial for me. I gained many insights from the programme, which not only helped combat my allergy but its custom-made nutrition plan was beneficial to me for life. Sujyot is a very helpful and supportive coach and friend. She takes matters to heart, and is always around whenever I have any questions. I'd recommend Biotailor to anyone seeking to balance their bodies. It's a nutritional programme specifically designed for any individual, and the programme is made effective by a wonderfully helpful coach."


Aileen Chen, Mother, Singapore

"Sujyot has provided me with valuable, comprehensive advice for detoxifying my body during my pregnancy. Her advice was practical and thus sustainable, such that I could easily continue those lifestyle changes beyond pregnancy to ensure a healthy environment and diet for my family. Sujyot has an admirable combination of strong nutrition and biology background, professionalism, friendly and passionate personality, and ability to keenly perceive needs and customize advice, which makes for a great nutrition consultant."


Sucheta Firodia, Executive and Life Coach, Inner Edge, Singapore

“I've known Sujyot professionally as well as personally. She brings in different perspectives, great clarity and objectivity to any discussion. Her in-depth knowledge of nutrition and passion to share and educate is laudable. The education material provided by Biotailor is comprehensive, well researched and a great source of practical information. It's always a pleasure to work with Biotailor!” 


Ela Erozan Gursel, Turkish Business Columnist, Singapore

“I met Sujyot at a networking event for entrepreneurs and academia. After she told me about her business and nutritional services she would be providing, I wanted to get more information in healthy nutrition plans. Since I moved to Singapore 2 years ago, I had put on weight. Because I have been working home-based, I was most of the time in front of my computer and didn't exercise on a regular basis. We met up again for coffee and she asked me about my lifestyle, eating-drinking habits and physical exercise to determine my current situation. Then, she took a few days to come up with a personalized plan that specifically meets my needs. This was a life changing plan that didn't only focus on nutrition but exercise, work and life balance, sleeping patterns etc... We started implementing the plan. Sujyot planned it in a way that I would not immediately abandon my old habits but each day I would take up a new challenge and adjust to the new system. Without getting frustrated to changes in my life, I gradually embraced my new way of life. Whenever I had questions or needed moral support, Sujyot was there to hold my hand. I found that change is not difficult if you are willing to take one step at a time.”

Biotech Consulting


Troy Moore, Director of Genomic Resources, ResGen, An Invitrogen Company, US

“At Research Genetics, Sujyot has proven to possess a wide range of skills and understanding in molecular biological practices. Particularly useful is her diligence in following through with developmental processes that require logical experimental design. Sujyot has been challenged with a development process that was instrumental in validating a thermo-stable polymerase that was launched as a product from Invitrogen. She also continued to develop her skills in the laboratory through questioning and practice in optimizing enzyme performance for a high throughput cloning project of all yeast open reading frames. Sujyot’s time here has been very productive and enjoyable. Her personality meshes well within a co-operative research environment. There is no doubt in my mind that in any biological laboratory, she will continue her exceptional performance record.”


Jayesh Parekh, Investor-In-Residence, Singapore Management University, Singapore

“I have known Sujyot Sakhrani in a professional capacity. Sujyot handled the sourcing, auditing and valuating of IP from international Institutes of higher learning. This primarily works to build companies to commercialize IP on a global scale. Sujyot has structured the entire programme and is involved in all aspects of its development, marketing, negotiations and execution. Sujyot was also responsible for organizing educational workshops in refining innovation, power selling and new product development. I would confirm that Sujyot’s performance and attitude has been excellent. I found her to be adaptable and courteous. I found Sujyot to possess effective analytical and presentation skills in theoretical research and showing great strengths in public relations and marketing at entrepreneur talks and industry conventions. I am confident that she will prove to be an asset to your company.”


Jack Paar III, Microbiology Laboratory Coordinator, Environmental Protection Agency, US

“Sujyot worked with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) in the Ecosystems Assessment Unit. She was the lead microbiology research analyst for the USEPA New England Regional Laboratory in the evaluation of the new criteria and standards for the Water Quality Standards program in conjunction with two USEPA programs: BEACH Program and the Water Monitoring Quality Program. Her research compared the efficiency and accuracy of two methods to determine concentration of Enterococcus in water samples that helped lay the foundation for our later genetic work using PCR based methods for Enterococcus testing. Sujyot was very technically thorough and successfully worked under my supervision as well as independently. Sujyot displayed an unwavering commitment to her project and undertook increasing responsibility for research and analysis and broadened her familiarity and experience with microbiological theory and practical, scientific techniques. She demonstrated great incentive and self-confidence as well as efficiency and organizational skills in her research. Sujyot’s drive and energy were an unmistakable part of her pleasant personality and contributed greatly to her success. We are pleased that we had the opportunity to benefit from her entrepreneurial spirit and enthusiasm and know that she benefited greatly from her experience with us. She was both highly professional and very pleasant to work with. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity. I recommend Sujyot’s professional and inter-personal capabilities without restriction.”

Science Communications


Susan Renshaw, Educational Services Manager, Faust International Ltd

“Faust Educational Services have been fortunate to have Sujyot Sakhrani working within our team. Her contribution to the Creative Writing programme has been impressive. In particular she wrote the text for our promotional leaflet. Sujyot came highly recommended to us as she had already been teaching for several years both in Hong Kong and the UK. During her time with us, Sujyot has also taught many different subjects to a variety of students, ranging from young children learning the basics of Mathematics and English, to students studying GCSE and A level in English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Psychology, Mathematics, Economics and Business Studies. Sujyot has always conducted herself in a professional manner and her teaching skills have led to visible results – not least in the success of her examination candidates. She has been hard-working and has completed her tasks efficiently. She will be much missed by many of these students!”


Deirdre Bounds, Chief Executive, i-to-i, UK

“This is in reference to the performance of Sujyot Sakhrani in the TEFL course provided by i-to-i. Sujyot has demonstrated enthusiasm. Sujyot has demonstrated excellent application to the tasks. I believe Sujyot will be an effective teacher with little support necessary. Sujyot has a good understanding of issues in EFL. Sujyot’s lesson planning is developing well. In particular, Sujyot has demonstrated a keen interest in the topics covered on the course, developed a good technique for teaching skills based lessons and responded well to suggestions. ”


Hector Lee, Partner, Head of Client Services, Tutors, HK

“We have been particularly impressed with the scope of Sujyot’s teaching work, which included: Common Entrance, IGCSE, IB, AS and A Level. Her speciality has been in Science to IB and A Level, whilst also covering other subjects including Math, English and other Social Sciences to GCSE Level. Sujyot is particularly adept at adapting to new syllabuses and subjects, which has made her an invaluable staff member. In the time that she has been with us, she has generated many satisfied clients and intuitively understood the importance of empathizing with clients and securing recurring work to ensure high client success rates in exam conditions, which to us shows her ability to adapt to both client needs and an organization’s concerns. We have no hesitation in recommending her to your organization. She is academic, learns fast, has good communication skills and is client focused.”


Sarah Ling, Principal, Jack & Jill Treehouse, Hong Kong

“Sujyot is a very experienced and seasoned teacher. She’s a special flair in building rapport with the students and her lessons are always interesting. Her lesson planning is thorough with clear learning objectives and the lessons themselves are very well paced. Her delivery is always exemplary as she delivers her lessons with creativity, imagination and sensitivity, always paying extra attention to meeting the different needs of each child. She is creative and resourceful and always strives to develop the best in her students. Sujyot has an innate understanding and an accurate perception of her student’s learning patterns and characteristics. Therefore, she is able to help develop their potentials to their fullest. She is also willing to share good practice. Sujyot is always punctual for work and her attendance is excellent. She is very responsible and takes her teaching very serious. She is reliable and highly committed. I have no reservation in recommending her.”

Product Development


Kaushal Dugar, Founder & CEO, Teabox, India

"I hired Biotailor for product development for the research and development of a Wellness Tea Range to be launched in India using Indian and Western herbs. Biotailor was able to formulate unique blends of Teas focusing on different healing areas within the body covering Detox, Digestion, Weight Loss, Diabetes, Joint Pain, All Round Immune Support and Mental Stress Relief. All the Teas focused on enhancing the Ayurvedic and Western Medicinal properties of the tea blends. Sujyot was supportive and was a reliable source of nutritional as well as regulatory and logistic information throughout the whole developmental process. Product development projects can be tedious and many unforeseen factors can arise, we were impressed with the initiative, knowledge and problem solving skills that Sujyot possessed throughout the process to make sure the project was always transparent and ran as smoothly as possible. Sujyot is friendly and hardworking and all reports and updates were delivered professionally and on time."


Dilip D. Madnani, MD, FACS, Madnani Facial Plastics, US

“I am in the process of developing a scar treatment product and turned to Biotailor for help and expertise in the industry. Biotailor has helped me along the way and provided valuable advice from both the product development and industry standard side of the project. I highly recommend the services for anyone in this field.”


Cissy Bullock Co-Founder & CEO Lohasia, Singapore

"Sujyot brings a great deal of experience, knowledge and passion to the development of products, including those under her own SUNYATA brand. The quality and integrity of ingredients used have been given a great deal of thought, underpinned by Biotailor's philosophy of promoting natural, healthy bodies and minds. The SUNYATA 100% natural Shea butter cream is a particular favourite - made with 100% organic, cold-pressed Shea butter sustainably sourced from Uganda, blended with sweet almond oil, all carrying the ECOCERT standard. And I love the continuation of attention to detail through the sustainable bamboo packaging. I look forward to seeing future products under this brand." 


Augustine Tai, Chief Operating Officer, LifeTech (Asia), Hong Kong

“At LifeTech (Asia), a subsidiary of LifeTech Biosciences (USA) Group, Sujyot’s responsibilities included research and development of healthcare, pharmaceuticals and diagnostic products and also product development of various beauty, skin, slimming and hair companies that included healthcare consulting and product formulation. She communicated with Health Authorities world-wide; handling regulation, registration and product operations. Her projects covered Hong Kong, China, India, S.E. Asia, Europe and US markets, as LifeTech (Asia) is a designated merchandiser of an international health and fitness corporation. Anchored on high motivation and diligence, Sujyot has strong inter-personal and analytical skills benefitting the company in client negotiations, public relations and presentations. She has excellent time management and has a firm understanding of client confidentiality, international investment regulations and company strategies. She is well-experienced in her field, during her tenure she worked tirelessly resulting in business activities on the rise. Sujyot is a valuable-added asset to us.”


Dr. Mahesh Patel, President, SMP International LLC, US and LifeTech (Asia), Hong Kong

“I have known Sujyot for over 10 years and have worked with Sujyot on a daily basis from 2001 to 2004. We worked together on pharmaceutical nutritional and cosmetics products. She is extremely bright, energetic and efficient and can do many functions at the same time. She formulated many skincare, hair care and slimming products brands for LifeTech Biosciences (USA) Group and Global Beauty International. I was her counterpart in the US; we worked together and were able to bring many cosmetics and nutritional products to the market in a short period of time. With the background in many areas of the healthcare business, her contribution to the future will be invaluable.”

Brands include Bella Skin Care, Svenson Hair Care and Marie France Bodyline for the Asia Market:


Global Health and Development


R. N. Kankan, Cipla Ltd, India

“Sujyot worked with Cipla Ltd over a year independent programme researching the current growing epidemic problem of Obesity in India. Using her extensive knowledge in biotechnology, she successfully completed possible therapeutic implications to this socio-economic problem, designed the biotechnological production and procedure methods for a possible weight control drug and completed a country market survey of the population. Throughout Sujyot’s programme with Cipla Ltd, she regularly updated me on her work demonstrating enthusiasm and incentive to complete this project. She holds impressive communication and presentation skills high-lighting her self-confidence, good time management traits and being able to work well independently. I recommend Sujyot’s professional and inter-personal capabilities.”


Dr. Bruce Websdale, Medical Director, MedCall Ltd, UK

“Sujyot worked for MedCall Ltd for nearly two years. MedCall Ltd is a 24hr medical clinic that enables the opportunity for patients to seek medical attention locally and internationally. Sujyot is a bright individual who is competent and efficient at multi-tasking. She has a thorough understanding of the importance of time restrictions and customer satisfaction. Her knowledge of management and the medical system has aided her in exceeding our expectations showing great enthusiasm to work under flexible and demanding hours. Sujyot had complete responsibility of the company office organization and administration. It demands strong interpersonal skills, as there is complete interaction when negotiating with doctors, patients and insurance companies. The job also demands the capability of making balanced decisions under great time constraints. Sujyot has proven to hold all the skills necessary to work both efficiently and effectively. She has excellent management skills and has been involved in organizing the company accounts. Her high level of capability has also enabled her to successfully train new staff. Throughout her time here with MedCall Ltd Sujyot has demonstrated great self-confidence and the ability to work well independently. Along with showing good productivity she has also broadened her familiarity with company management. Her capabilities would be an asset to any organization.”


Vanessa Bradley, Partnerships Officer, University of Westminster, UK

“Sujyot has worked as an ambassador, representing the University of Westminster. Ambassadors are recruited to help deliver a programme of information and guidance to potential students. They are given training in presentation and communication skills and offered work on a variety of events according to their own abilities. Sujyot has worked on a full range of liaison and outreach activities including higher education and career fairs, open days, information days for school students and teachers, parents information events, public information tours of the University campus, giving presentations at schools and colleges on student life and her biosciences subject, and summer school weeks for students. During these events Sujyot has given information and guidance about the University and the biosciences department, both to large groups of people and on a one to one basis. Ambassador work requires an approachable personality and good interactive communication skills. The Education Liaison Office has always had confidence in employing Sujyot to represent the University. She is very friendly and reliable and has always proved to be intelligent, confident and flexible. I am happy to recommend Sujyot for any similar work.”


Dr. Geoffrey Copland, Vice-Chancellor & Rector, University of Westminster, UK

“I am writing to thank Sujyot for her participation in the student focus projects where she helped the University of Westminster in collaboration with others to raise the aspirations of school children in inner city schools to enter higher education. It was very gratifying to hear of the excellent work that had been done on the project. I hope that she found this work as an ambassador to have been helpful and interesting. There is no doubt that the reaction from the schools is that they found Sujyot’s help to be invaluable in helping young people to make sensible decisions about staying on at school to study for entry to university. I have been personally a great supporter of this work for many years and it was very satisfying for me to know of the active and effective involvement of Sujyot in extending this work in this way.”


Fay Lindeque Geissler, Coordinator, Adventist Hospital, HK

“Sujyot worked at Hong Kong Adventist Hospital. We are always particularly happy to welcome the enthusiasm, interest and practical help of Sujyot with interest in the medical field. Our Laboratory, Rehabilitation Unit, and other departments where help was required have appreciated the many hours of time so willingly given wherever needed. It has been a pleasure having Sujyot with us and we would welcome her back at any time in the future. We at H.K.A.H., join in wishing her every encouragement and success in the future.”