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Founder & Senior Biotech Consultant

Biotechnologist, Nutritionist, Global Health Specialist and Teacher

Qualifications: BSc. M.A. MSc. Dips. Certs.

Sujyot Sakhrani is the Founder and Senior Biotech Consultant for BIOTAILOR. She is a Biotechnologist, Nutritionist, Global Health Specialist and Teacher. She has over 20 years of international experience from the US, Europe, Middle East, India, Hong Kong and Singapore in biotechnology, nutrition and global health. She holds internationally recognized qualifications, a BSc in Biotechnology from University of Westminster UK, an MA in Biotechnological Law and Ethics from The University of Sheffield UK, and an MSc in Global Health and Development from University College London UK. She is also a certified Clinical Nutritionist, Child and Adolescent Nutritionist, Women’s Health Practitioner, Exercise Instructor and English Teacher. 


Sujyot has worked in various sectors including multi-national corporations, educational institutes, government departments and NGOs; as has experience in global health research and promotion working with international health organizations. Her expertise covers areas of global health promotion, biotech health programmes, research and regulation, IP and technology transfer, health communication and education, mentoring and teaching, health writing and publications, product development, global health and development, public relations and public speaking. 

Sujyot continues to refine her research practice through ongoing learning and research to increase understanding of scientific development to capture balance within the body.  Her prime focus is on growing the developments in public understanding to produce growing education and communication on global public health and longevity. 


MSc. Global Health and Development

University College London, UK

MA. Biotechnological Law & Ethics

The University of Sheffield, UK

BSc. Biotechnology

University of Westminster, UK

Dip. Clinical Nutrition

Dip. Children & Adolescent Nutrition

Dip. Child Care

Dip. Women’s Health

Dip. Basic Philosophy

S.A.C. Northern Council for Further Education, UK

Cert. Biomedical Research

Cert. Biomedical Responsible Conduct of Research

Cert. Good Clinical Practice

Collaborative Institution Training Initiative, US 

Cert. Technology Transfer: The Management of Intellectual Property

Cert. Negotiation Skills in the Technology Transfer Industry

Cert. Early Technology Assessment

National University of Singapore, Singapore

Cert. Callanetics Exercise Teacher

Callanetics Management Company Inc, US

Cert. Teaching English & Business English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)

i-to-i, UK

United Nations Nutritional Health Educator

World Health Organization Global Health Researcher

Published Health Writer

International Health Speaker


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