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BIOTAILOR - The Biotech Health Company was established in 2011. It is a global health consultancy

headquartered in Singapore, that offers personalized tailor-made products and services for individuals,corporations and communities.

Biotailor works to express and share knowledge of biotechnology and health through Health Promotion, Biotech Consulting, Science Communications, Product Development, and Global Health & Development Projects.

Our prime focus is on growing the bridge between developments in research, industry and public understanding to produce growing education and communications between the sectors on scientific development and health. We have a qualified and dedicated team of experts striving to give you the products and services you require.


Health Promotion

Biotech Consulting

Science Communications

Product Development

Global Health & Development Projects

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Tel:  + 65 - 6225 6602

Fax: + 65 - 6692 9293

Email: info@biotailorhealth.com



No. 3 Church Street,

Level 25 Samsung Hub,

Singapore 049483

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